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Our Company

We are Industrial boiler & hopper cleaning experts, specialising in EfW, Biomass and HRGs. Our best-in-class online-cleaning technologies and industry-leading service & consultancy, keep boilers running longer and more efficiently.

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Photo courtesy of Sarpsborg Avfallsenergi AS, Norway

Our Technology

Our installed and manually delivered cleaning technologies have been proven to clean all industrial boilers & hoppers effectively, using any feed stock, without causing damage to boiler tubes.

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Image courtesy of FCC Environment Greatmoor

Bang&Clean ® PressureWave - on-load cleaning

Engineered in Switzerland to manually deliver safe, controlled gas explosions. This technology has been proven to cover a wider area than alternative technologies without causing damage to tubes. With quicker set-up times, larger areas of your boiler can be covered in each shift, whilst reducing overall costs when used under a maintenance schedule.

Shock Pulse Generators – Installed 24/7 Cleaning

The most efficient, powerful and effective on-load cleaning systems, manufactured in Switzerland by Explosion Power AG. They can be installed throughout the boiler, sending regular, high-powered shock pulses to stop fouling build-up, in many instances removing the need for other systems, allowing plants to run continuously for over a year between planned shutdowns.

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KRR ProStream holds exclusive UK licenses for several advanced, proven and patented online cleaning technologies.

Our team of engineers and specialists work with clients to provide a holistic approach for total boiler cleaning solutions.

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