Corporate Social Responsibility

KRR ProStream is passionate about meeting environmental challenges and developing truly sustainable practices.  This is reflected not only in the services that we offer our clients, but in the way we conduct our own business. 

When furnaces and boiler systems are performing optimally then their emissions (including CO2) and energy requirements are both reduced.  The work of KRR ProStream therefore plays a key role not only in helping our clients to increase their production capacity, but also in helping them to follow environmental best practice, either for the purpose of regulatory compliance or as a component of their own CSR programme. 

We are equally diligent when it comes to monitoring and reducing the environmental impact of our own activities.  Our head office in Loseley Park, Surrey, is supplied with energy by solar panels affixed to our warehouses.  In the winter months, the energy provided by the panels is augmented by the output from our own biomass boiler.  In addition to adopting renewable and low-carbon energy sources we have also taken a pro-active stance on waste management, implementing a recycling scheme that allows all businesses in the park to sort their waste.  Through this scheme, between 5 and 7 tonnes of material is directed away from landfill each year. 

This attention to detail and passion for the environment permeates every aspect of our operations, with KRR ProStream currently working towards certification of our ISO14001 environmental management system, the policy of which is available here.

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