KRR ProStream Ready to Deliver at UK Chemical Plants

As part of a recent visit to Germany, KRR ProStream personnel have received comprehensive training on the deployment of JNW's mobile heat exchanger cleaning technology at chemical plants.

As a result, the KRR ProStream team are now fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver this service at UK chemical plants, giving operators an economical and highly effective option for keeping their Air Cooled Condensers (ACC) running at peak efficiency.

The training was delivered by JNW, the creators of the technology, during two live cleaning projects at chemical plants near Köln. Following the completion of the training, the KRR ProStream team brought a complete set of mobile ACC cleaning equipment back to the UK. This equipment can be set up in just a couple of hours to provide a complete, automated, high pressure clean of an ACC. Fin bundles are untouched by anything except water and no detergent it used, but the results far surpass anything that can be achieved by manual methods.

Please visit this page for more information on the benefits of mobile online heat exchanger cleaning and to watch videos of the system in action.

You can also download the relevant brochure or contact us to discuss the heat exchanger/ACC cleaning requirements at your plant.