2013 in Review: New Technology & New Markets

SantaComing to the end of 2013 we look back on a year that has seen a number of changes in the power generation sector, based partly on Government policy shifts, but also on market conditions. These have opened up several new possibilities for KRR Prostream, which we have been working hard to develop.

We are now successfully applying Mobile PWT in CCGT plants, something that our counterparts in Europe have been doing for some time.  Our technology is used to remove oxidisation and deposits from the HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) with significant and near instantaneous benefits to overall plant efficiency.

We have also been exploring new techniques for applying our Heat Exchanger Cleaning technology to glass tube heat exchangers, thereby broadening the range of plants where this service can be of benefit.

2013 has also seen KRR ProStream expand beyond our traditional clientele of EfW and power generation facilities, carrying out work at paper manufacturing and recycling facilities.

With these new plant cleaning methodologies at our disposal, new markets to explore and a healthy outlook for the capital sales side of the business, we are optimistic about 2014.  The recession may not be entirely over, but energy will continue to grow as an industry and the demand for ways to reduce production costs, improve efficiencies and avoid boiler down time will grow alongside it.

We wish all our clients and suppliers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.