Furnace Cleaning

The Problem

Fouling within the furnace of an energy recovery facility not only impacts upon any boiler components that protrude into this area, it can also have a negative effect on the efficiency of the furnace itself.  Ash and fused deposits can adhere to furnace ceilings and walls, creating blockages and causing problems with heat and mass transfer.  The operation of fluidised beds can also be affected and heavy fouling can pose a health and safety risk upon shut down.

The Solution

Effective furnace cleaning can be achieved with several KRR ProStream technologies.  The KRR View high temperature camera system allows us to inspect the interior of the furnace whilst your plant is still online.  This can be used to identify problem areas and plan the requirements of the furnace cleaning operation.  

If furnace cleaning is to be carried out online then KRR Mobile PWT can be used, offering the same benefits as when it is employed for cleaning the boiler area:

  • Plant availability is unaffected
  • Generation is unaffected
  • Overall plant efficiency is improved
  • No shut down or start up costs
  • No expensive manual cleaning costs
  • No odour release - bunker remains under negative pressure
  • Waste processing capacity is unaffected
  • H&S risks associated with shut down are avoided

When the furnace cleaning is required during a scheduled shut down, KRR HPCO2 is a very effective method for removing stubborn fouling from furnace interiors.  The benefits of this technique include:

  • Effectiveness - removes stubborn deposits that cause problems for manual methods
  • Speed - removes large amounts of debris quickly, getting you back online faster
  • Reduced manual cleaning requirements
  • Ash disposed of through normal ash transport system
  • Ensures safe access for operator and contractors
  • An effective precursor to manual cleaning 

Please view the associated pages or contact us to find out more about our furnace cleaning services.