Power Plant Performance Monitoring

The Problem

Justification for the technical services offered by KRR ProStream is essential for every operator, but providing this may put unwanted demands on in-house resources.

The Solution

KRR Performance Tracker is a plant performance monitoring service that acts as an enhancement to in-house technical analysis, with an emphasis on the parameters that are influenced by the deployment of our other services. 

KRR Performance Tracker provides the following benefits:

  • Identify how to make financial savings and enhance plant efficiency/availability
  • Provide evidence of savings made and increased power output
  • Maintain optimal generating efficiency and continual availability
  • Anticipate problems and minimise breakdowns
  • Provide evidence of environmental compliance (e.g. reduction in CO2 emissions)
  • Accurately predict the work required for shut downs

Plant operators are supplied with monthly reports covering key performance indicators in a clear and structured format.  The executive dashboard provides a strategic overview of top-level information such as overall plant availability and waste throughput.  This is supported throughout the remainder of the report by a more detailed analysis of specific parameters.   Data is acquired either via a remote connection to our offices or via regular extractions by the plant operator.

Contact us now and take the first step towards a KRR Performance Tracker service that is especially tailored to the unique requirements of your facility.