Silo Cleaning, Hoppers & Bunkers

The Problem

Operators regularly face blockages that slow down their operations or even cause costly downtime. Examples include:

  • Hardened ash pit deposits that the grab cannot remove
  • Silo blockages due to moisture content or lack of fluidising air
  • Sudden, heavy ash falls in hoppers, or blockages that build up over time
  • Molten deposits that have hardened on the furnace floor and can't be removed

The Solution

KRR ProStream can dispatch a skilled engineering team at short notice to carry out a variety of silo cleaning, ash pit cleaning and hopper cleaning services. We remove blockages and restore your plant capabilities using the following technologies:

  • KRR View - infrared camera identifies problems in high temperature sections
  • KRR HPCO2 - ideal for very hard/stubborn/compacted deposits
  • KRR Mobile PWT - highly-effective in hopper bridges, blocked hoppers/silos, etc
  • KRR Air Lancing - accesses hard-to-reach blockages in tube bundles

Our silo cleaning, hopper and ash pit services can decrease or completely remove the need for costly down time and reduced operations. The requirement for manual intervention is usually overcome. Health and safety risks are also vastly reduced due to the fact that these services do not normally require entry into the problem area.

If you have problems with silos, hoppers or ash pit deposits then contact us to find out how we can help.