Fixed Shock Pulse Generators are designed for the permanent online cleaning of power plants and replaces other systems such as soot blowers, rappers, shot or shower cleaning. We can supply, install, commission and maintain complete Fixed SPG systems based on the technology developed by Swiss engineering firm Explosion Power GmbH. There are several sized versions of the Fixed SPG system - EG10, EG10L and EG10XL.

Shock Pulse Generators are permanently affixed to the outside of boilers, furnaces, cement kilns or other suitable types of equipment. They are fully automated, delivering shock pulses into the area to be cleaned by means of a controlled shock pulse of combusted gases - methane and oxygen. These shock pulses dislodge unwanted ash and deposits, acting upon a large area surrounding the discharge tube of each EG10 unit.

The frequency of detonations of an Shock Pulse Generator can vary between 15 minutes and once a day depending on the level of fouling. They can be triggered either according to a pre-arranged schedule, or when performance tracking indicates a requirement. As a result, Fixed SPG is ideal for replacing other cleaning systems such as rappers or soot blowers (with their associated high running costs), increasing the period between maintenance outages and improving the overall efficiency of a plant.

Applicable Sectors

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