KRR Mobile PWT

The technology used to deliver the KRR Mobile Pressure Wave Technology (Bang&Clean®) service was developed by the Swiss company BANG&CLEAN TECHNOLOGIES AG. It has been continually evolved for more than a decade to provide optimum cleaning efficiency. Shock waves are created using a finely controlled gas mixture to gradually remove deposits and fouling from a variety of locations. KRR ProStream is the exclusive UK supplier of this service.

Mobile PWT (Bang&Clean®) can be applied while boilers are running, removing the need for costly plant shut downs. Alternatively, the process can be applied during shut down. In order to target mobile PWT projects and improve shut down planning, the KRR View high temperature camera system allows the operator to pinpoint problem areas and assess the need for intervention.

KRR Mobile PWT works according to a simple process:

  • A lance is introduced into the boiler near the area to be cleaned
  • At the end of the lance a balloon is inflated with a combustible gas mixture
  • The mixture is ignited via a remote ignition
  • The resulting shock wave causes vibrations in the boiler
  • These vibrations and shock waves dislodge the fouling without damage to tubes or infrastructure

Applicable Sectors

Deployment Sites

  • Furnaces
  • Radiation parts
  • Evaporators
  • Superheaters
  • Economisers
  • Dry and semi-dry FGT systems
  • APC Silos
  • Finned tube heat exchangers
  • ESP (Electrostatic Precipitators)

Please see the related pages for more information or contact us now to discuss your requirements. You can also visit the BANG&CLEAN TECHNOLOGIES website.

Bang and Clean