Coal Power Stations

Coal power stations are under continual pressure to realise efficiency savings, whilst the increased use of biomass co-firing can create higher levels of fouling in the hotter boiler passes.  Our innovative cleaning technologies can be applied in a coal fired plant, either to boost the performance of an operational facility, or as part of a managed shut down process, leading to improved H&S procedures and reduced downtime.

KRR ProStream is already working with some of the highest capacity coal fired stations in the country, including co-fired stations.  This experience has involved the successful delivery of Mobile PWT cleaning projects at the largest coal power stations in England and Scotland, and the sole coal fired power station in the Republic of Ireland.  Our KRR View High Temperature Inspection Cameras can also be used in coal power stations to investigate hard-to-reach areas and diagnose process problems.

View our interactive plant diagram to find out more about the different areas of a coal power station where we can improve performance and optimise generating capacity, or contact us to discuss the deployment of our services in your coal fired facility.