Combined Cycle Gas Turbines

Combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT) generate electricity through both a conventional gas turbine and a steam turbine, with steam raised in the heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) from the gas turbine exhaust. Within the HRSG, heat is transferred to the steam through fin tubes, which are highly susceptible to rust and fouling. An accumulation of fouling in the HRSG can lead to decreased gas turbine efficiency, lower steam turbine generation, and risks tripping the HRSG, forcing an expensive shutdown.

With over 20 successful applications within the United Kingdom, Ireland and across Europe, our mobile pressure wave technology (PWT) has proven to be ideal at removing this fouling, with shockwaves penetrating deep within the fin tubes to provide a more efficient clean than other methods. This extensive cleaning depth also results in a faster clean than alternative methods, with the fouling of multiple fin rows removed simultaneously, significantly shortening outage periods.

Fin Tube Pre Clean

Fin Tubes Pre-Clean

Fin Tube Post Clean

Fin Tubes Post-Clean

The effectiveness of our mobile PWT has been demonstrated in our recent case study. During the offline clean of an HRSG, KRR ProStream worked for four 10-hour shifts, removing an estimated 6 tonnes of rust and fouling from the fin tubes. This decreased the pressure drop across the HRSG by 16.9 mbar, contributing to an increase in output of 165 MW following the shutdown period.

To discuss any of the above, or other means by which we can assist with the performance monitoring and optimisation of your CCGT facility, please contact us.