What we do?

KRR Prostream has over ten years’ experience of cleaning industrial boiler systems, giving us a thorough understanding of the issues faced by plant managers and how to resolve them.

KRR Prostream provides the tools to investigate and analyse all the key operating parameters to plants. This enables us to offer cleaning solutions to solve any problems found. Using our expertise we work with you to understand the fouling problems impacting your efficiency and offer technology to mitigate these. These solutions are delivered by our highly trained operatives using advanced online cleaning technologies and monitoring services.

KRR can create customised maintenance programmes for regular cleaning to reduce fouling build-up. We understand the unexpected happens, therefore we also offer an emergency callout service, allowing you to get back online as soon as possible and with minimal disruption.

KRR ProStream can help you:

  • Increase plant availability
  • Avoid unplanned shut downs
  • Reduce pressure drops
  • Improve heat transfer
  • Enhance production capacity
  • Reduce CO2 emissions

To find out more, please contact us.