Giving Homeless Families the Chance of a Happy Christmas

This year Christmas might feel a bit different to usual, but most of us can still look forward to celebrating as best we can, in secure homes where we feel safe, warm and comforted. Many people struggling with homelessness have already endured the coronavirus pandemic without a safe place to live and will now spend Christmas in cramped B&Bs, sleeping rough or in temporary housing far from family and friends.

At this time of year KRR like to send our clients a little Christmas gift to thank them for their valued custom. This Christmas we felt it more appropriate to make a contribution towards helping those who have been financially impacted by the effects of coronavirus and found themselves in dire straits. Therefore, we will be donating £1,500.00 to Shelter, who help millions of people every year struggling with homelessness.
We'd like to thank all our clients for their support this year and wish you all...

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year!!