High Temperature Video Cameras

Inspection, monitoring and analysis of a plant’s performance is not always given sufficient priority because of health and safety concerns, lack of manpower and technical constraints. This can be the cause of unexpected outages or reduced performance. Our camera system allows us to look inside the plant whilst the facility is online. Our cameras have various functions enabling them to operate at temperatures up to 1200°C and with a variety of access constraints.

Using our camera system has the following benefits:

  • Areas of fouling can be identified to pinpoint problem areas and assess the need for intervention and where cleaning is required
  • Costs can be saved if the footage shows no fouling, so no further work is needed. This promotes a risk based approach and allows information sharing with the operations team and managers.
  • Clear comparisons can be made as to the effectiveness of using a different cleaning technology but also not using a cleaning technology at all
  • There is no need to access the inspected areas directly
  • Anticipate problems and minimise breakdowns

KRR use two camera systems depending on our client’s requirements. Both systems use infrared cameras therefore no external light is needed.


camera viewing screenv2


  • Air and Water cooled
  • Maximum temperature 1200°C
  • Minimum opening diameter needed is 100mm
  • Videos and commentary is available to client immediately after inspection is completed
  • The length of camera lance extends to up to 4 metres

Swan neck camera

  • Can be used in small openings. Minimum diameter needed is 42mm
  • Can be used for temperatures up to 450°C for 1 minute
  • Fast installation (needs only air and power, no water required)
  • Flexible head allows for greater directional control

Inspection reporting

On request, KRR will produce a dedicated report with video stills conveying the key findings from the inspections, together with an expert assessment. This saves time as opposed to looking through many minutes of HTVC footage.