What we do

 KRR Prostream has over 20 years' experience cleaning industrial boilers of all types, specializing in EfW, Biomass and HRSGs. Our expertise and wide industry experience help plant managers reduce outages and keep boilers running longer between planned shutdowns; by reducing and managing boiler fouling, regardless of feed and boiler type.


Why use KRR Prostream?

 We understand that all boilers are truly unique, presenting a combination of complex and different challenges regarding the material, location and accumulation of fouling. We are exclusively licensed in the UK & Ireland for a range of advanced, proven and patented online-cleaning technologies, supported by regular technical reviews to ensure optimum results.


Health & Safety

 This is our utmost priority, without compromise. Our policies are reviewed regularly and audited by industry approved, independent external bodies. All our staff are provided with specific, ongoing training and provided with full PPE to perform their jobs safely and effectively



 Our engineering and operation teams are located at our facilities in Guildford & Middlesbrough for easy access to plants throughout the UK & Ireland.



 We use premium products engineered in Switzerland that can be fully relied upon to deliver better results than any other technology on the market.



 We tailor our service to each plant, creating clear instructions on our approach with regular performance reviews to ensure we are as effective as possible, every time we visit. 

 To find out more, please contact us.