BANG&CLEAN – Flexible, mobile, on-load cleaning

Removing internal fouling from boilers and furnaces regularly, allows you to maintain optimal efficiency and prevent unplanned shutdowns. Bang&Clean ® is a flexible, mobile cleaning solution for a wide range of solid residues that can build up within boilers, hoppers, and silos. It uses finely controlled gas explosions to deliver a shock wave to gradually remove slag in specific areas across the boiler, during operation.

Cleaning locations include:

  • Furnaces
  • Radiation passes
  • Evaporator bundles
  • Superheater bundles
  • Economiser bundles
  • Dry and semi-dry FGT systems
  • APC Silos
  • Finned tube heat exchanger bundles
  • ESP (Electrostatic Precipitators)

Our regular maintenance schedules have been proven to reduce fouling build up and the time it takes to clean the boiler. The efficiency and effectiveness of our service means you can clean more often without increasing costs.

Simple, safe cleaning process

  1. A lance is introduced into the boiler, through a top or side port, near the area to be cleaned.
  1. Special bags are inflated with a combustible gas mixture.
  1. The mixture is detonated by remote ignition.
  1. The resulting shock wave causes vibrations in the targeted area to remove fouling.

Key Benefits

  • Simple: Efficient set-up and mobilisation, allows quicker response and start times.
  • Safer: Uses controlled gas not explosives and doesn’t damage tubes or infrastructure.
  • More effective: A wider shock wave removes fouling over a larger area.
  • More control: Manage explosion debris with flexibility of detonation location and power. 
  • Quicker: more detonations between intervals allow more locations to be cleaned per shift

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