Our History

KRR (UK) Ltd (KRR) was founded in 2006 and focused initially in the environmental and waste management consulting services. Since then we have expanded our scope to provide services to Energy from Waste and Biomass plants. KRR also started selling boiler cleaning equipment and has developed a very strong service team that supports both activities.

Company History

1993: Roberto Vogel founds WIS Environmental, an environmental technology and management consultancy
2003: WIS starts to offer industrial boiler cleaning services known as Bang&Clean
2006: Boiler cleaning operations separated from WIS consultancy services leading to KRR (UK) Ltd founded
2007: KRR begins operating the Bang&Clean process independently from Bang&Clean Technologies GmBH
2009: KRR awarded ISO9001 certification. Now ISO9001:2015
2010: KRR begins installing, commissioning and servicing Shock Pulse Generators (SPG’s)
2011: KRR (UK) Ltd began trading as KRR Prostream
2015: KRR achieved Gold status under the Green Achiever Environment Programme which continues today
2017: KRR begins cleaning Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG’s)