Shock Pulse Generators – Permanent, automated, on-load cleaning

Stopping fouling from building up in problem areas reduces unplanned outages and can extend the time between planned shutdowns. Shock Pulse Generators (SPGs) set a new benchmark in boiler cleaning by replacing existing systems such as soot-blowers, rappers, shot ball and shower cleaners by providing a continuous and fully-automate shock pulse at a wide range of intervals.

Manufactured in Switzerland by Explosion Power GmbH, over 1000 have been installed worldwide with over 100 installations in the UK, they are proving a popular choice for high-performing energy plants.

Installed on the boiler near high fouling areas, an SPG will keep both tubes and boiler walls clear until the next outage.

Fully controllable cleaning:

  • Direct filling with high pressure methane and compressed air
  • Mixing of gases in combustion chamber
  • Ignition by activating glow plug
  • Injection of shock pulse into the boiler
  • Shock pulse of …..?
  • Set shock pulse intervals from every 15 minutes 

SPG Boiler Locations

Reference Examples

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